Thursday, July 19, 2007

Equal Time

Of course you knew LHL would react, and he has to The New Republic article I commented on. Poor Conor, the guy can't win, not that he's in any competition. I grumble that the article is basically a puff piece but that pales to what LHL has to say in a single paragraph.

What hypocrisy! He gives the guy an interview and then turns around and disses him. Let me guess: Conor told him it was for an article but didn't say who would publish it? Or maybe LHL's cronies set him up so he could come out blasting. Or, even better, LHL was fully informed, gave the interview and then waited for his opportunity to be offended and insulted. However you paint it, it's standard LHL b---s---. This piece is absolute vintage stuff:

Considering the Guardian's track-record in the Cheney-Blair gang's Jeremy Duggan hoax, one might estimate from his own recent scribblings, that poor wretched Conor's personal morals are even lower than his minuscule IQ.

I think LHL needs to take the IQ test, along with some other tests, just to make sure he is all there. The ghost of Jeremiah Duggan haunts him. Good!

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