Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dueling With The Larouchies

I have an account at Factnet, which is an anti-cult site. Lyndon Larouche is one of the cults being discussed and I am a member at that forum. Usually when I visit not much is happening. However, in January the Larouche site posted yet another screed, in which I was named. About the same time a character named ace appeared at the site. Thus began a long period of posts and counterposts involving ace and several members. I finally got involved, largely because I was tired of being accused of stalking Robert Beltran. I never have, although the Larouche organization, of which Beltran is a member, would like to convince you otherwise.

The tone of the posts escalated, to the point that ace put up 3 posts in succession involving friends of mine and including an offensive personal comment. I informed the administrator who issued a warning to ace and cautioned ace that if he didn't get a grip it would not go well for him. Ace apparently did not get the message and was permanently banned yesterday. The rest of us got a warning. Given that I dueled with ace, when perhaps it might have been better to ignore him, I accept that a warning was likely warranted.

One thing that was discussed, and I am still not certain about, is whether or not the Larouche organization had gone on the offensive at Factnet via ace. One item we discussed was whether or not this was a team effort, or a single person. Ace claimed to live in the Chicago area, to be married, to own a home, to be a 'legal' observer, and that he was not a member of the organization. I disputed the 'legal' observer part given his full throated participation in the life of the board. I also disputed his claim that he was not a member, pointing out that his behavior proved otherwise.

Today, one of ace's cheerleaders showed up to complain about her boy getting booted and oh the injustice of it all. I am all for freedom of expression, and I recognize that the expression can be annoying and sometimes downright offensive. However, context matters when judging what should or should not be said. Context requires judgement and humans are not always reliable in terms of making good judgements. Deliberately lobbing personal attacks on people you do not know in order to hurt someone at a forum, deliberately engaging in personal attacks on people rather than arguing the issues, deliberately misrepresenting yourself, are all indicators that perhaps that poster needs to leave. At least in my view they do because the issues are no longer the focus of the forum. Ace did a great job disrupting the forum. When he was banned all of his posts were stripped off the forum, which shrank by 50 pages! Hopefully we will all do a better job managing ourselves should he, or a friend, return. For now, I am not sad that he is gone.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Larouche Headed To Court Again

The widow of Ken Kronberg, the former publisher for Larouche, has filed a lawsuit alleging harassment and libel against Larouche, Barbara Boyd and the LPAC. For details see this post at Factnet. The LYMettes better start looking for a new leader.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Molly Kronberg, widow of Ken Kronberg who committed suicide nearly two years ago, writes about forced abortions in the LaRouche world. Pro-choice is just that, pro-choice. The behavior of the LaRouche organization and its leaders is exactly the opposite. Someone should explain to the LYM members that they are fortunate to have been born outside the organization's boundaries, or they might not exist at all!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Turns out Larouche fancies himself a moviemaker, or someone in his group does. Perhaps it's Beltran, whose last film, Patriotville, has yet to see the interior of a theater, let alone DVD release. In any case, the PAC has released a video titled 1932, that includes narration by Beltran. Hope he got paid for it before the PAC had its accounts emptied by the IRS.

Hat tip to Howie G a genuine Larouche Fanboy. So Howie, how much money has Schiller raised off of Genazzio's death?

Monday, June 30, 2008

No Shame

XLCR, as always, finds the most interesting stuff to share at Factnet. His latest is this obituary for a Larouchie who died in a traffic accident. His vehicle had run out of gas on the interstate and he, and his traveling companion, were killed when struck by another vehicle.

Take note of the contributions request. Straight to The Schiller Institute, a Larouche front group. People give money on behalf of loved ones all the time, but this takes the cake for me. I shouldn't be surprised. A late-breaking report at Factnet suggests that the European membership has dropped to less than 500. I would think the worldwide membership doesn't top more than a couple thousand, at best. My guess is Schiller needs the money.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Interesting Blog Posts

Tip of the hat to xlcr over at Factnet for bringing this to everyone's attention. It was preceded by this post, this post, this post, this post, this post, this post, this post, this post, this post, and this post.

A lot of reading so I'll summarize. First of all, I don't know, other than to surmise he is a teacher/researcher and studies cults. This series opens with the death of Jeremiah Duggan, and continues into a study of Larouche's connections with Nazi and neo-Nazi elements. X.Dell theorizes that Jeremiah was beaten by 'security' people at Weisbaden when he challenged the speakers at the conference as being ant-Semitic. It was a clumsy attempt to force him to submit. Instead, he ran for his life and died on the highway. also offers up some theories about why the Germans, and by extension the Brits, are loathe to conduct a serious investigation, despite all the pious protestations by the police. I seriously doubt Mrs. Duggan will get justice for Jeremiah, but one can hope.

Obama just gave the speech of his life, answering those who raised the issue of Reverend Wright, his former pastor at Trinity, who spewed some pretty stupid and vile comments. Obama never drank that particular Kool-Aid, as his speech makes clear. The LYM, on the other hand, has been sucking down Larouche's Kool-Aid for some time, whether they know it or not. Beltran - their erstwhile drama coach - may be sipping at it as well. I wonder if he will ever be forced to give a similar speech. After all, this is the guy who proclaimed, loudly and proudly on the record (and was recorded), that he's a Larouchie. Given all the previous information put out about Larouche, and the insights from I wonder how much longer it will take before he wakes up and smells the coffee, thus joining the other refugees from Larouche's snare.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Latest Comedy Release

I know that this isn't part of what Beltran is teaching the LYM. Maybe they are actually auditioning for Saturday Night Live?