Sunday, March 8, 2009


Molly Kronberg, widow of Ken Kronberg who committed suicide nearly two years ago, writes about forced abortions in the LaRouche world. Pro-choice is just that, pro-choice. The behavior of the LaRouche organization and its leaders is exactly the opposite. Someone should explain to the LYM members that they are fortunate to have been born outside the organization's boundaries, or they might not exist at all!


Howie G said...

This is just purely ridiculous. How can someone walk out the door and get a "forced abortion" in a regular hospital or clinic? It's absurd. As for Molly, she's the one who likely got Ken to off himself.

Kheris said...

Howie, Howie, Howie. This is choice LaRouchian logic. First of all, pressure is pressure and Molly lays out just what that pressure was. Second, I am not at all surprised that you are continuing the slander that Molly was behind Ken's suicide. It's been 2 years and nothing has changed in the bizarro world.

European said...

As a former member i Sweden I can only testify that what Molly writes is true.

In the 80s and 90s the movement had moved away a bit from the forced abortions but was putting an extreme pressure on members not to get children. Ok, the swedish leaders allowed members to get children, but you should have seen what kind of reactions we would get from the international organization!

Everytime a swedish member would got a child, the organization worldwide started to talk about the mad swedes that got children when they instead needed to work harder for the movement, etc... So we knew about this anti-children policy of the movement and we got to hear about the forced abortions.

Some members just dropped out. Me too after a while. But we foolde ourselves. We believed that these forced abortions in what we believed to be the past, and the anti-children policy was something that did not orgigin from LaRouche. "If only LaRouche knew"... some of us used to think!

We fooled ourselves. Off course he knew and was behind it all!


Howie G said...

I still say that many people and organizations advocate abortion including Planned Parenthood,ZPG, etc. Let's be fair. It's the same thing with the Wall St. and London financial bubble. Most of the people involved knew it was bullshit. But they continued to do it, and still try to do it.

When are people, including "ex-LC members" going to assume the responsibilty of being adults?

Kheris said...

Advocating the freedom of women to choose whether to continue a pregnancy is far different from advocating abortion. The essay by Molly, and comments posted by others in response, strongly suggest to me that the LC was ,not taking a pro-choice position, they were advocating abortion as the only acceptable alternative.

Believe what you wish to Howie, and be grateful you weren't a pregnant female back in those days.