Saturday, August 22, 2009

Larouche Headed To Court Again

The widow of Ken Kronberg, the former publisher for Larouche, has filed a lawsuit alleging harassment and libel against Larouche, Barbara Boyd and the LPAC. For details see this post at Factnet. The LYMettes better start looking for a new leader.

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Anonymous said...

This man LaRouche is nothing but a jerk. He came to my country, Mexico, many years ago where he asked for a lot of money fo rhis publications. He sold good ideas but whenever people wanted to learn more, to become active, to get involved he never allowed anybody.
The man is a jerk and once he dies they are going to send to hell the only thing that is worth from him that is his ideas.
Other than that the man only takes real mason into his crowd and I just wish I could get back all the money I invested onhim and I wish I had never met them!