Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Interesting Blog Posts

Tip of the hat to xlcr over at Factnet for bringing this to everyone's attention. It was preceded by this post, this post, this post, this post, this post, this post, this post, this post, this post, and this post.

A lot of reading so I'll summarize. First of all, I don't know, other than to surmise he is a teacher/researcher and studies cults. This series opens with the death of Jeremiah Duggan, and continues into a study of Larouche's connections with Nazi and neo-Nazi elements. X.Dell theorizes that Jeremiah was beaten by 'security' people at Weisbaden when he challenged the speakers at the conference as being ant-Semitic. It was a clumsy attempt to force him to submit. Instead, he ran for his life and died on the highway. also offers up some theories about why the Germans, and by extension the Brits, are loathe to conduct a serious investigation, despite all the pious protestations by the police. I seriously doubt Mrs. Duggan will get justice for Jeremiah, but one can hope.

Obama just gave the speech of his life, answering those who raised the issue of Reverend Wright, his former pastor at Trinity, who spewed some pretty stupid and vile comments. Obama never drank that particular Kool-Aid, as his speech makes clear. The LYM, on the other hand, has been sucking down Larouche's Kool-Aid for some time, whether they know it or not. Beltran - their erstwhile drama coach - may be sipping at it as well. I wonder if he will ever be forced to give a similar speech. After all, this is the guy who proclaimed, loudly and proudly on the record (and was recorded), that he's a Larouchie. Given all the previous information put out about Larouche, and the insights from I wonder how much longer it will take before he wakes up and smells the coffee, thus joining the other refugees from Larouche's snare.


Anonymous said...

For a Beltran connection, see Eaglebeak's latest posting on FactNet

A LaRouche "mail message" from 2005,a part of the "Shakespeare Wars" in which Beltran played another leading role, perhaps unknowingly. Perhaps not.

Anonymous said...

Hello Comrade, keep fighting the good fight.


Howie G said...

Check out Robert Beltran's narration of the new "1932" movie, on the site. Despite protestations, miss, I'm sure it'll turn you on.