Saturday, August 4, 2007

I'm a what?

This is so absurd. It seems that the boys and girls at Leesburg have taken notice of this blog. Over at FACTNet the Larouche thread now includes a copy of an internal memo that cautions the membership about a variety of folks, including.....Drum rrrroooollllll.....MOI!

Allegedly I am a Star Trek groupie and Robert Beltran stalker, who has joined the ranks of Dennis King, John Train, and unknown others who are exploiting the death of Ken Kronberg.

Well! Who knew I wielded so much influence! I should walk up to the next card table shrine I see and introduce myself. Unfortunately, the LYMers have deserted the Foggy Bottom Metro for now. maybe they'll move over to Metro Center - hint, hint. I'll even give them my autograph for free!

Seriously, I'll cop a plea of nolo contendre to the Star Trek groupie charge. I take exception to being portrayed as a stalker. I point out to all you terribly cerebral loyalists out there that I don't live in California, I don't hang out everywhere that Beltran is at, I don't write him unless his Gatekeeper acts like an ass (all of 2-3X in the past 5 years), I don't call him on the phone, and I certainly don't send him love notes, gifts or offers of employment. Re-read the foregoing to make sure you understand and comprehend it accordingly.

I do question Beltran's affiliation with an organization that has a history of bad acts and exists solely to minister to the personal cult, and needs, of Larouche, a convicted fraudster. Those are facts, not my imagination at work. The death of Ken Kronberg is just one more example of the cost that accrues to Larouchies who are deemed no longer acceptable. The referenced memo bashes PMR and claims that the company failed on its own. The writers conveniently ignore the AM Briefing document, obtained by King, that clearly indicates how Kronberg was viewed. There are still standing claims that the LarouchePAC owed PMR money at the time of Kronberg's death and apparently the financial manipulations don't end there. Seems to me the loyalists are getting good and worried about their ability to continue business as usual.

Beltran is supposed to be a smart man. We'll see how smart he is as the house of cards that is the LarouchePAC and the LYM dissolve into oblivion. Beats a visit from the same division that put away Al Capone. Capiche?

ETA: I have a pic of myself with Beltran from the set visit in 2000. Wonder what the LYMers would pay for a signed copy? All they would need is Beltran's signature and voila! Ebay here they come! They might actually make quota!

I can't wait to see Avi Klein's article about the latest in Leesburg.


Anonymous said...

Curious how a l'il ol' (alleged) celebrity stalker could evoke the ire of the Greatest Mind since Yakub ...--Sancho

anoldfriend said...

You need to know that Nick Benton's Falls Church News Press was first out with the story of Ken's suicide, the morning briefing that day, and the financial background.

Check it out

Kheris said...

I saw that article when it came out.