Sunday, August 12, 2007

What I Read

Someone calling himself Seamus commented at Odd Man Out using some of the same ridiculous language as other Larouche sycophants who appear to be in the grip of some sort of sexual obsession. He's also incapable of doing much in the way of Internet research, demanding that I put up some links to the sober analyses I have been reading.

So, out of the charity of my heart (what's a little agape between friends?), here's a few links for those who are too challenged to go looking for anything other than polemics by the "World's Greatest Economist", so-called.

Report on EBC cash infusion.

Chinese threaten dollar crash

Report on the River Murray in Australia.

CNN reports on the Republican blockage of a UN treaty, which may limit US response to Russian incursions in the Arctic.

A report on the econmic costs of oil development and why new projects may not come on as quickly as hoped.

The potential impact of insurgent attacks in Mexico, should they contintue.

An analysis of the changing face of corporate credit and its impact. Includes a brief description of the state of affairs for consumers.

An article about our dependency on foriegn oil and credit.

BIS is concerned about an economic depression.

This is just a taste of what I have read. Do your own research if you want more. Of course there isn't a synarchist in sight, let alone references to Cheney, the British aristocracy, Rohatyn, or Larouche's alleged brilliance, which may make this very boring reading for those nursed on the very mother's milk of Larouchian polemics.

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Anonymous said...

Until I looked over this wealth of informative articles, I had assumed that LaRouche tried to keep the LYMers off the internet so that they would not learn the full history of the ICLC and related enterprises. I now see that an equally important reason is that LaRouche's self-proclaimed uniqueness becomes powerfully diluted in comparison with all the great work being done by many brilliant individuals. As a corollary, the LaRouche organization no longer has much of an intelligence-gathering capability and they themselves just get most of their stuff off the internet. Can't let the yutes see the extent of that cribbing.--Sancho