Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dennis The Menace and Maxine

The title sounds like two cartoons just joined together, and perhaps that is what happened. The LarouchePAC reports that Maxine Waters (D-Cal) has signed on to Dennis' impeach Cheney resolution.

Larouche is, naturally, playing this up given the support Dennis is getting. The announcement ends with the following:

At the conclusion of the press conference, a dozen members of the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) sang "Impeach Cheney" canons for the occasion. The LYM have circulated an "Impeach Cheney" briefing book widely to the Congress. Democratic statesman Lyndon LaRouche first called for Cheney's impeachment in June 2003. Six news cameras filmed the singing, and a number of journalists interviewed the LYM members.

List of H.Res. co-sponsors: Reps. Dennis Kucinich (OH); William L. Clay (MO); Albert Wynn (MD); Yvette Clarke (NY); Lynn Woolsey (CA); Barbara Lee (CA); Janice Schakowsky (IL); Maxine Waters (CA). All are Democrats.

I have no particular love for Cheney, but I have even less for Larouche, and now I have to question Schakowsky's judgement given that her name is irrevocably linked with Larouche. I wonder if she knows about the allegations of unpaid FICA taxes and the alleged attempt by Barbara Boyd to abscond with the funds to pay those taxes. It's not nice to mess with the IRS. Ask Al Capone.


Nell said...

My college roommate became a LaRouchite in 1972-3. I hope she got out but am afraid she may still be in the cult. I welcome the recent more visible growth of ex-LRC networks, but mourn that members' murder and suicide were the impetus.

Please don't confuse the actual, broad political real-world support for impeaching Cheney (above 50% in recent ARG poll) and the corresponding legislation in the House (several more co-sponsors added this week to H.R.333) with any kind of support for the LaRouche cult. Over the decades, the organization's glommed onto a bunch of genuine political issues and impulses for its own purposes.

Kheris said...

I don't doubt what you are saying, unfortunately I was in Cleveland during Dennis' tenure, and he, as well as others (apparently Maxine in the instant case) seem quite content with the LYM.

You are right about them 'glomming' on to issues. Larouche will milk this and is already claiming first dibs on raising the issue. I am sure we'll hear more about his leadership on the matter should impeachment occur.