Sunday, June 10, 2007

Former VP Running Mate Indicted

Larouche likes to bill himself as a statesman and 'the world's greatest economist.' I wonder what he is thinking today in view of the revelation that his former running mate from 1992 has been indicted for incest.

According to the indictment, the crime occurred in Loudoun County in northern Virginia between Oct. 14, 1992, and Oct. 14, 1994, when the accuser was 13 to 17 years old.

The timeframe includes the immediate run-up to the election. Messy indeed.


Anonymous said...

Tony Papert, one of LaRouche's *ahem* head guys, was involved in some sadomasochistic business some time ago which revealed him to be gay. This new revelation would appear to point at an even sicker underside to a cult already well-established to be sick in every respect.

Kheris said...

Got anything that backs up the claim? Papert seems to be some sort of 'hatchet' man if I read the FACTNet posts correctly.

Anonymous said...

Here is one source:

Anonymous said...


Nice of you taking the lead as facnet probably is closing down!


dennis king said...

Congratulations on your new blog. My one criticism is that you should point out, in providing links to Wikipedia, that the articles on LaRouche there are not very reliable. A whole team of LYMers have been working night and day to conform the articles to their viewpoint. Wiki is great on science articles and on popular culture but it doesn't at the present time have adequate defense against determined highjackers of articles involving cults and cult leaders. Maybe some ex-members could get involved in the editorial process to rescue these articles--Wiki after all is the first place that searchers go to find info on LaRouche.

Kheris said...

Dennis - I am not an ex-member and I am going to move your comment up front so folks can see it and decide what to do.