Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Tax Man Cometh

From deep in the shadows, whispers come forth that the LHL's PAC is being pursued for the funds they never paid the, now defunct, printing operation for various campaign documents. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. The print operation was alleged to have ignored their tax bill, and apparently the money hunt has led the government straight to LHL's various organizations. Seems they may not have clean hands. This could get very interesting. No wonder the PAC site has been screaming shrilly. They are working hard at deflecting the attention. Whatever will they do if they are busted?

Robert Beltran of Star Trek: Voyager fame has been working with Larouche since 2001. The past few years he has been running drama workshops. I have another journal, and I said some time ago he should get out while the getting was good. No chance of that now. If the government seizes the books, and his name is listed as a current payee they'll be checking him out too. Wonder if he'll do any more drama workshops if he isn't paid?

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