Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Gotta love xclr who is one of the more prolific posters at FACTNet.org. He has contacts in the Leesburg HQ who are happy to share the wealth of information that comes their way. Here is a clip he shared from an AM briefing. FYI - St. Clair Shores is in Michigan and located on the west shore of Lake St. Clair, and borders Grosse Point, Mi.

Today Jamar, Tyler, Bill and Shawn were a great example of the principle of an aufstrag deployment, staying out until 9PM and moving to different sites until they raised at least $100 LPAC. They stayed at a Saint Clair Shores Post Office for most of the day, deflecting the dirty stares of irate Republicans but took a short break when it closed and then moved to a traffic island closer to the office to make quota.............................

The last hour and a half was spent at a traffic island raising the remaining $19.

College-age kids out to raise $100 for Larouche, and out all day to do it. The rest of their evening will be spent 'studying' the great man's work and talking long into the evening. You can admire their dedication if you like, but I feel for the loss of energy and talent that is in service to a sideshow.

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