Sunday, July 1, 2007

Larouche and Wiki

Today I just published a comment by Dennis King in response to my post regarding Rev. Bevel's alleged misdeeds.

He makes a point about my Wiki links. I am not an ex-member, but I agree about the need for ex-members to step forward to edit the Wiki entries. They have the most knowledge.

Congratulations on your new blog. My one criticism is that you should point out, in providing links to Wikipedia, that the articles on LaRouche there are not very reliable. A whole team of LYMers have been working night and day to conform the articles to their viewpoint. Wiki is great on science articles and on popular culture but it doesn't at the present time have adequate defense against determined highjackers of articles involving cults and cult leaders. Maybe some ex-members could get involved in the editorial process to rescue these articles--Wiki after all is the first place that searchers go to find info on LaRouche.

How about it guys?

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