Monday, July 23, 2007

Dennis King's Latest

Dennis King offers an analysis of the latest in Leesburg. Hat tip to FACTNet posts for this one.

Wanna bet Beltran a) doesn't know and/or b) doesn't care? Must be nice to have so much money you can perform in low budget Grade B/C films, wander the landscape selling your autograph at conventions, and spend the rest of your time composing music, while supporting a cult leader of very dubious integrity and character. Especially when same cult leader has made it clear he has no use for Beltran's generation. Wonder how much money Beltran is forking over in order to stay in Larouche's good graces?


Anonymous said...

The LaRouche PAC link is wrong at this blogspot is wrong. Rather than linking to the same page as LaRouche Publications or the Executive Intelligence Review, which is it should link to the LaRouche PAC website which is

Please correct it.

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From Australia

Kheris said...

thanks -- fixed.