Monday, July 30, 2007

How Many LYMers?

Ya gotta love the LYM and the Larouche PAC. They subscribe to the notion that any and all publicity is a good thing. Thus, they document everything they do, including this cadre school, which gives us a pretty good idea of the overwhelming numbers of LYMers that are out there.

Did I say 'overwhelming'? Yes, I surely did. This article tells us that LHL was joined by 50 LYMers from Virginia, while the multipoint conference included 14 participants from Argentina (8 new contacts/6 LYMers), Mexico (10 new contacts/10 LYMers), and Colombia (13, breakdown not given).

So, a total of 97, perhaps 100 young impressionable people spent time in the company of the World's Greatest Economist. Kinda makes your toes tingle in anticipation of the creativity about to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. Well it does, doesn't it? Come on, you know it does. We may have to wait a long time while they work the card table shrines, but that's OK. Herr Helga needs the money.


Anonymous said...

It looks like Carl Osgood pulled his pretentious blog. Let's hope that he among others has gotten the hell out of the disintegrating LaRouche cult. Someday soon, LaRouche's actual income may approach his reported income. --Sancho

Howie G said...

I can't believe you are indulging in this travesty. Do you get paid in money, sex or drugs?

Kheris said...

What travesty are you talking about? Or is the truth beyond your capability to manage?

Anonymous said...

Howie G. is just curious: he has none of the three.--Sancho

Anonymous said...

We all get paid in money, sex, AND drugs. Felix Rohaytan pays for it all. As for the sex, nobody's hotter than a Synarchist.

-- "Howie"