Monday, August 6, 2007

The Company We Keep

I am told that;

You have joined the ranks of the CIA, KGB, Cuban Frogmen, Henry Kissinger, Nelson Rockefellar, Bush, Cheney, various Jewish named investment bankers, and on and on in terms of who the Internal Daily Briefing posits as ready to destroy Lyndon Larouche.

But the other way of looking at it is that we, as part of the conspiracy somehow or other, are successfully accomplishing that which the CIA, KGB, and Cuban Frogmen were never accomplish.

Who knew?! Thanks. And there is more in the comments section of this post. I particularly like the part where a senior member has hired an attorney. What's s/he worried about?


Howie G said...

Correction, Kheris. Henry Kissinger has recently joined the good list, with his work as part of the USA-Russia study group formed by Putin about the time of the Bush-Bush Sr.-Putin Kennebunkport summit. It's nice that people can change.

Kheris said...

I doubt it. I suspect this is a case of Larouche changing gears when the situation suits. He has a history of that.