Thursday, August 9, 2007

Content or No Content

Visiting ex-Larouchies might like to take another look at Odd Man Out, specifically the comments. Someone is trying to engage me in a debate or dialogue about LHL. Look familiar to anyone?

I personally would have a real issue with any Congressman or Senator backing Larouche, whether behind the scenes or upfront. Larouche's lunacy speaks for itself. The fact that HQ named me along with King is so absurd. I don't know what sort of visitor stats this blog is collecting, but I do know it's not being quoted anywhere aside from Skull and Bones. Hardly makes me a significant player, but the fact that I have now become a target of their paranoia ought to be a wakeup call to folks who do read this. Something my Anonymous commenter prefers to avoid discussing.


Anonymous said...

Kheris, you are one of the few critics to whom they believe they can attach a name, so you and a few others become a lightning rod. Secondly, they also may fear that you are in a position to help expose their financial wrongdoings. Lastly, they hate women, and think them an easier target. LaRouche's misogyny is longstanding and long predates the Labor Committee phase of his demented waste of a life.

As to the other comments, they seem to be standard issue for any LaRouche drone. -- Sancho

Kheris said...

I am certainly willing to help expose any wrongdoing, especially financial, given who I work for. If that's what set their teeth on edge, so much the better.

Howie G said...

Kheris, I hate to break it to you, but dozens of Democrats, and even some Republicans regularly, though usually not clearly identified, ask questions of LaRouche at his monthly or so webcasts. If you look at larouchepac, etc, you know about this. Perhaps you could answer, in your own words, why this occurs repeatedly? Maybe the Congress people know something you don't know.

Kheris said...

First of all I would have to know who is doing the asking. Are these staffers asking the questions or the principals (i.e. the Congressperson or Senator?). Is it a fringe Member or a single issue Member or is it someone the party leadership takes seriously. For example, Kucinich may be taken seriously if he has votes he can deliver to the party standard bearer, but he's still a fringe member to me and I remember his days as Mayor of Cleveland. I was living it.

Most politicians scan the landscape, trolling for the issues and information that will give them a leg up as party leaders. They'll talk to anyone to find out if that person or their organization can be useful. I don't think it is any different here, although Larouche has proven to be quite the chameleon and I just have to wonder what it is that any politician sees in him, assuming they know his history. And it may be that they don't know or they don't care even if they do know. He can't deliver votes, all you have to do is look at the results for 2004.

My personal view is that politicians who reach out to him do so like they do for any other voice that is loud enough to be heard. LYMers jumping Lieberman at a bar would certainly be noticed if not heard. It doesn't mean they take him seriously, but I suspect they could if they were seriously invested in a position that he support.

Given the thrashing Larouche has been taking at FACTNet you do have to wonder why they bother with him at all. Do they know something that the ex-LCers, and others who are posting, don't? I doubt it, which leads me back to their interest being purely political and for their own purposes.