Sunday, September 30, 2007

Stand By For Action!!!

Over at FACTNet I found this post in which a Larouche insider claims that at High Noon on 10/11/07 the dollar will fall to zero, a goose egg, totally worthless. Oh the horror!! The humanity!!

I ain't buying it.

I saw a card table shrine across from the Jewel on State St. (The Grand Plaza building). They have cornered the paper, and probably copy center, market judging by the amount of stuff that was piled high on the table. I literally had my hands full or I might have considered talking to them if only to needle them about the Duggan Affair.


Howie G said...

Hey Kheris, you may have noted that the dollar has gone from $.80 for a Euro to $1.41 for a Euro. Isn't that a step toward designer toilet paper?

Also, you may have noticed how the fall of the housing market sparked runs on banks, a banking crisis, and other horrors. Face it, the geezer knows what he is talking about.

Kheris said...

Runs on what banks Howie? Mine is stll standing, the housing market has not collapsed into a heap and the dollar's ups and downs right now are to be expected. Chortle away after 10/11 (I understand the date was moved up) if the dollar is at zero. However I suspect you are the one who will be eating a hearty helping of crow.

Anonymous said...

Someone who should know tells me that on the few occasions when LCers or LYMers are showing up in Washington, DC now, they are handing out flyers for the 10/10 webcast that were generated on a home PC. Seems a bit different from what Chicago is apparently doing, with all that literature. It may be old literature, because the org has been pushing locals or regions to take old lit (probably trying to save the price of storage).

As to Howie/Howard G, he's eating mushrooms again. (And you're right that crow is to follow.)

Runs on banks? That would be one bank in Britain. Well, just as one swallow doth not a summer make, neither does one run a cataclysmic catastrophe make.

Tomorrow's webcast should be a doozy. I urge everyone to send in questions....

Kheris said...

Flyers done off a home PC. That is exactly what I would expect from a neophyte organization that lacked resources. Makes me wonder how Lyn is paying the rent with so little funding coming in.