Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Paying Himself

Today, while trolling the web, I found this lovely piece by the Federal Election Commission (FEC). On page 7 it refers to a finding in 2006 by the U.S. Court of Appeals in a court case involving Lyndon Larouche's Committee for a New Bretton Woods and the 2000 Presidential campaign. According to the report:

The LaRouche committee received $1,448,389 in federal matching funds. The majority of these funds were paid to seven vendors that provided fundraising and advertising services for the past three nominations that LaRouche had sought; LaRouche was the vendors’ sole client. The committee received $222,034 in public funds in connection with “mark-up charges” paid to these vendors.

The FEC told the Committee it had to pay back the money. Wonder if they did given who the vendors are:

The seven vendors were American System Publications, Inc.,
Eastern States Distributors, Inc., EIR News Services, Inc., Hamilton Systems Distributors, Inc., Mid-West Circulation Corp., Southeast Literature Sales, Inc., and Southwest Literature Distributors, Inc.

BTW, that last piece comes straight off the court opinion - You can read it here.


Anonymous said...

A couple of updates for LaRouche Watchers:

1. FactNet has been down since Sept. 12 in the sense that, although you can read what's posted there, you cannot make a new post. Don't know if it's LaRouchies or Scientologists or what, but it seems plausible to me that the board is under prolonged attack.
That's illegal, folks.... Also shows a marked inability to cope with living in a democratic republic.

2. Dennis King has changed the name of his website (variety of reasons); the new website is

I urge everyone to try to contact FactNet and find out what the heck is going on.

Also, anyone with any leads as to hackers/attackers might want to report those to FactNet to be pursued further.


Howie G said...

I don't think Lyndon or anyone did anything to Factnet,etc. Your friends are just demoralized because LaRouche is right, the housing bubble is bringing down the whole financial system. You know what websites you really want to see, the "friends of LaRouche."

Anonymous said...

Another thing of interest is the recently posted audio of a four-part EEC (Euro Exec Cttee) meeting of May 2006, in which LaRouche attacks Ed Spannaus, PMR, etc. etc.--the usual suspects--and makes some rather sinister remarks about how there will be "fatalities."

Link for listening to this thing--it's insanely long, but fascinating--is

Anonymous said...

Pleased to report that FactNet is back up. Eat your heart out, Howie G. When I knew you, you were still called Howard.

Anonymous said...

Interested readers should check out a new offering of Dennis King's:

Anonymous said...

One of the interesting things about Dennis King's new offering (see URL in preceding comment) is the reference to Elijah "Zeke" Boyd, husband of LPAC treasurer Barbara Boyd, who played a prominent role--both as paying for LPAC literature, and as a member of the LaRouche "legal department"--in the last year of Ken Kronberg's life.