Saturday, September 1, 2007

With the Blinkers On

FACTNet is truly a pot 'o' gold of Larouchian antics, and today it popped out this nugget from an LYMer. I feel sorry for James, but not enough to keep from posting this in response at his blog:

Since you are interested in the truth, what is the truth about Jeremiah Duggan? What is the truth about Ken Kronberg? Do you really believe both are suicides, and occurred because both were driven to take their own lives by family members? Define the truth in words other than those handed to you by LHL.

Without a doubt Kronberg was a suicide, Duggan was not. Neither died because family members exerted some sort of pressure.

I wonder if James has caught up to all the Larouchian History that is being detailed over at FACTNet. He might find that the exLCers actually know more than he does, and what they know might be enough to encourage him to rethink his political allegiances.

ETA: 9/2/07 - James has taken down that post. Truth hurts I guess. Blog is still there. I have a feeling he got some visits from the good folks posting at FACTNet.

ETA: 9/3/07 - XLCR saved James' post. Read at your leisure.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Kheris--

Could you indicate what it was James said on his blog, and then took down? I have a particular reason for wanting to know, and if you give me an email address where I can communicate with you privately, I will tell you what it is.


Kheris said...

Write to me at I am very curious. His post was about his father, society, slander, and the fact that he is an LYMer. He mentioned truth and that he believed folks didn't want truth so they were ignoring all the signals that problems are afoot, which of course LHL has identified the solutions for. He also had another post up, I don't recall specifically what it said. FACTNet had a post about the one I commented on, and they quoted James saying he was an LYMer.