Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It's Official

The LarouchePAC is running out of dollars. Between the IRS assault on their funds to pay PMR's tax debt (could only happen if the LPAC was a receivable to PMR) and the reduction in income at the card table shrines, the organization is on the ropes financially. If you doubt me, there is this post at FACTNet stating there is a disconnect between LAR's efforts and the income coming in, followed by this gem. Both posts are quoting AM briefings and the second states quite plainly:

It is time to end the insanity of the persistent downward trend in LPAC income at the very moment that Lyn's political impact is on an upward trend, as never before.

What upward trend in political impact? Didn't Avi Klein clearly show there was no impact? Oh wait, I forgot. Any small move off the cellar floor is an upward trend. In any case, the money is drying up, and apparently the org is reconsidering printed pamphlets. Wonder who'll they will get to pay for that since PMR isn't around to do it for free? Is Beltran around to help? Or did he finally bail out?


Anonymous said...

There is someone posting over at Skull/Bones as Miss Anthropy with a Beltran hook. Please take a look at those posts and, if appropriate, comment.


Kheris said...

Not sure what her issue is, aside from needling Rachel. I agree with Rachel, Beltran was a celebrity and Harley knew an opportunity when he saw it walk in the door. If Kronberg was the expert on Shakespeare, and Beltran used to replace him, well so it goes in any organization. The more interesting part is Miss Anthropy suggesting that Beltran has left. That would give some of his European fans, who trail in his footsteps, some cause to pause. At least one spent time with the org because her hero was in it.

The real story is that the org is spinning out. I don't think it's going to recover now.