Saturday, November 10, 2007

String of Pearls

Over at Skull/Bones there is a post discussing the activity over at Wikipedia. The ensuing discussion (21 comments now, including 2 from self) is joined by a character named Miss Anthropy, who takes issue with Rachel Holmes bringing up Robert Beltran's apparent role in the organization as it related to Ken Kronberg's status (all of 1 sentence):

Holmes: It may have had to do in part with Robert Beltran and his ascendancy as the Shakespeare “expert”–what a joke that is.

Miss Anthropy: What’s the joke? I was told Beltran’s given up and he isn’t doing it any longer but you’re sure POd. You keep bringing it up. What’s the story?

There is some piss poor analysis going on here, which MA compounds in a later comment:

Schlanger’s the one you should be after not Beltran and you know it. Keep your eye on the ball instead of setting up straw men.

I am not sure what caused her to toss that into the mix, since RH hadn't responded. When she does respond, she makes it clear that Beltran is not her main concern. So MA comes back with her own response that features this:

The question you should be asking is why Harley and Lyn chased him so hard. They’re the ones who had the master plan.

You should be asking what that master plan was and why they did what they did.

I chimed in, and MA gave up this as (his)her final answer:

You’re both wrong but if you can’t see the forest for the trees I can’t help you. All I can tell you is to dig deeper, if you really want the answers. It’s up to you to pick up the shovel. Sayonara.

I commented again:

I am going to guess that Miss “Deep Throat” Anthropy believes that Beltran was going to be a sock puppet for Harley and become the new ‘face’ of the organization in the US. If that was the plan then it must have fallen pretty flat, given his current invisibility. I think that if s/he really had any info on any of this s/he’d find a way to share it. Hit & run tactics don’t do anything for one’s credibility.

Why care about all this? Because MA's manner of commenting reminded me of past allegations about Beltran's relationship with the LYM being very onesided, that he was a reluctant player and at the mercy of the leadership. I cannot attest to the veracity of those claims, although I personally don't buy any of it because no evidence was ever forthcoming. If MA has anything worth sharing then s/he needs to put the cards on the table. Otherwise they can expect to be treated as just another troll with nothing to contribute to the conversation.


Anonymous said...

Dennis King has posted the full text of LaRouche's 1974 Manchurian candidate speech with the most bizarre sections highlighted. It's at
Note at the top the quote about inducing suicide in brainwashees.

Anonymous said...

Works like clockwork! Every time someone raises questions about whether or not Beltran is really involved with La Rouche or playing a role, Harley runs out and spends more of La Rouche's drink money hiring Beltran to make an appearance!

If you want to bankrupt the Org. keep pointing out how much the Schiller Institute are a pack of frauds, playing let's pretend all the time!

Here's what's just gone up at their website.

November 17, 2007:
Actor Robert Beltran, EIR's Gerry Rose, and a panel of LaRouche Youth Movement activists, on "What the Democrats Must Learn from Shakespeare and Schiller; Ripping the Mask Off Nancy Pelosi." Hosted by Harley Schlanger.

Even panes of glass aren't this transparent.

Kheris said...

Miss Anthropy was either misled or hoped to smoke out the party(ies) who suggested that Beltran was no longer a player with the LYM. I had hoped he wasn't, but there you have it. Harley trots him out, as if on cue, and he follows with nary a whimper to be heard. Of course he is on the phone, not there in person.

It's been a very long time since Beltran has been on public display with the LYM. I suspect this was as much a PR moment to let the rest of us know that Harley et al are still a potent force, as it was an opportunity to score points with the LYM and keep them in line. Just my view of course.

Hear it here.